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Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

  • Students/ apprentice/ customers will pay FULL FEES at least 48 hours before course start date.
  • The customer must pay any bank charges from overseas payments.
  • Courses and work shops are subject to cancellation if minimum numbers are not met. In this case FULL refund is applicable.
  • All deposits and registration fees are non- refundable. Fees are not refundable once paid even if cancellation or interrupted through an act of God or terrorist act or by any mean. However students/ apprentice/ customers have the option to postpone attending the course in the next available date. Students/ apprentice/ customers are eligible to postpone attending the course only once.
  • No entitlement to a refund for anyone who chose not to do the course once final payment has been received. No matter what the issue.
  • The FITC does not take any responsibility for students/ apprentice/ customers who fail to pay full fess and will not be permitted on the course.
  • Failing to attend the confirmed course or failing to complete a course or workshop frofeits any refunds.
  • Students/ apprentice/ customers are expected to behave in a professional manner. If they fail to do so and disrupt the rest of the class, The FITC is permitted to ask the customer to leave the premises.
  • Due to copyright infringement we do not permit the use of video cameras or audio recording equipment. Still cameras are permitted to record customer work only.
  • If you miss out on learning due to lateness or non-valid excuses, it is not the FITC responsibility to teach the students/ apprentice/ customers what they missed.
  • Course hours may vary without notice.
  • If customer causes damages or removes equipment belonging to the FITC they will be asked to leave immediately. Stealing, abuse and disturbance to the class will not be tolerated to any degree. If customer wills damages anything which belongs to FITC, the customer will be billed and he/she will have to pay.
  • In any case where the educator / coach/ service provider takes leave then FITC will be the responsible to extend the course duration of students/ apprentice/ customers. It will be the fully responsibility of the FITC to get completed the customer’s course.
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